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World Cup Madness in San Diego!


World Cup fever has hit San Diego and it hit hard! Whether you are a loyal and true American Outlaw or an enthusiastic bandwagoner that likes rooting for the red white and blue–the more the merrier, we always say!

Southpaw Social Club, Bub’s at the Ballpark and Bub’s Dive Bar in PB will be open early on Thursday 6/26 for the festivities!

Atmosphere is everything, and these 3 bars have what it takes to fuel your Thursday morning AMERICATHON! Take a look:


And if those didn’t do it for you, this will. #BeatGermany

“One Moment Does Not Define Us” – USA World Cup Hype Video 2014 from Ted Harrison on Vimeo.

  1. Eric Rosas

    This is amazing. Go USA! 🙂

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