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Rodney Atkins LIVE at Moonshine Flats!

Rodney Akins is performing LIVE at Moonshine Flats on Thursday, May 17th!

Tennessee born Rodney Akins has had over two decades of experience in country music. With six number-one hits under his belt, four studio LP’s and over ten million units sold, Atkins is more invested than ever in his newest record. Atkins’ feels connected to songs about the highway of life and draws inspiration from his wife Rose and two children. Not only has his family influenced his music but also his fans and his passionate support for the military. In 2018, Rodney hopes his family and fans see his dedication and appreciation towards them through his music as he continues to stay true to his country roots by working hard until his knuckles are busted and cherishing every single second.

Come see country music veteran, Rodney Akins LIVE in concert at Moonshine Flats in San Diego on Thursday, May 17, 2018!

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