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Jordan Davis LIVE in Concert at Moonshine Flats

Jordan Davis is coming to San Diego and performing at Moonshine Flats on Thursday, April 26th!

Jordan Davis might be a new voice on country radio but writing and playing music has been a passion of his since childhood. Coming from lyrically creative family, it was no surprise when Jordan moved from Louisiana to write music in Nashville. His unique outlook as a songwriter and artist is what has molded Jordan into the musician that he is today.  After honing his own craft by marrying long running affinity for classic songs and modern day country, Jordan began to create his own spot on the country music creative map that didn’t go unnoticed. In 2016 Jordan landed a recording contract with Universal Music Group Nashville, released his first single, “Singles You Up” in 2017  and is currently working on his debut album.

 Don’t miss country music’s rising sensation, Jordan Davis LIVE in concert at Moonshine Flats in San Diego on Thursday, April 26, 2018!

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