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Giving Thanks for Good Times!

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with friends and family… but, when your friends and family have been cooped up in one house for 8+ hours, Thanksgiving is also a time to leave and go to a bar. That’s where WE come in. From Turducken to drinks named after Pilgrims, Good Time Design venues have everything you need for your Turkey Day escape!

Turducken @ Bub’s at the Ballpark – OPEN at 11AM! 

Bub's at the Ballpark - Turducken

Sometimes, consuming one bird on Thanksgiving is simply not enough. Let Bub’s help– They’ll be serving up a $12 Turducken Feast (which is a duck stuffed in a chicken stuffed into a turkey, for those of you who aren’t familiar with this culinary masterpiece) with all your favorite fix-ins. Wash it down with $5 Dickel whiskey cocktails, $3.50 Bud Light and great pitcher specials!

Tipsy Fun @ The Tipsy Crow – OPEN at 3PM!



“Picture it:  You’re over it. It’s 1620, and the morals of the colony are just too much, what  better way to sin   than to spike your cider with alcohol!”

You just read the description for The Tipsy Crow’s festive cocktail, “The Hot, Saucy Pilgrim.”  Hot apple cider complete with dark rum and Goldschlager! If that doesn’t spice up your  Thanksgiving, then nothing will. 


Ready to see all of your old buddies from the glory days? Check out Tipsy’s  “High School Reunion Party” the night before!



Bootlegger: Your home away from home! – OPEN at 4PM! 

darlene turkey

Are you one of the many San Diego transplants that aren’t going to make it HOME home for Thanksgiving this year? Join the dysfunctional (yet charming) family at Bootlegger for their Turkey Dinner! $12 gets you a complete Thanksgiving feast with all the fix-ins. If you need something a little stronger, sip on their seasonal Hot Buttered Rum! 

Supper Club Turducken at Cat Eye Club! 

Looking for a place to hold “Friendsgiving?” Look no further than Cat Eye Club! Grab a seat at their intimate Thanksgiving Supper Club on Wednesday, 11/27, featuring everyone’s favorite bird-hybrid, TURDUCKEN! Served with all the traditional sides for just $12. PLUS, a fully stocked bar with friendly bartenders who know what cocktails pair perfectly with Turkey. And Duck. And Chicken. 

Pre-Turkey at Lucky’s! 


Even though Lucky’s Lunch Counter will be closed on the actual day of Thanksgiving, give thanks ahead of time for their latest special, an Open-faced Turkey Sandwich! It has all the flavor of a Turkey Day feast without your drunk uncle asking about your political views!