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Morgan Wallen returns to San Diego with a LIVE performance at Moonshine Beach!

Country sensation Morgan Wallen returns to San Diego and heads to the Beach! Born and raised in the small town of Sneedville, Tennessee, Morgan Wallen began singing in his father’s church at the tender age of 3 years old. Wallen’s hometown is known for bluegrass icons such as Jimmy Martin but it was the combination […]

Lindsay Ell is LIVE at Moonshine Beach!

Rising star, Lindsay Ell is LIVE at Moonshine Beach on January 19th! Coming from a family with deep musical roots, Lindsay Ell started playing piano and guitar at a very early age where she found a strong passion for country music. Canada native, Lindsay felt most at home in Nashville, Tennessee. She said that “Coming […]

Colt Ford is LIVE at Moonshine Beach!

Colt Ford is LIVE in concert at Moonshine Beach on Thursday, November 8, 2018! Colt Ford is a multi-layered writer, businessman and former drummer who has been able to take country music and blend it with rap, R&B and hip hop with ease. Throughout his career, Ford has created a larger than life hillbilly redneck public […]

Mark Wills is LIVE at Moonshine Flats!

Multi-platinum selling artist, Mark Wills is performing LIVE at Moonshine Flats in San Diego on Thursday, October 11th! Devoted to music at a young age, Mark Wills started his career after entering and winning a local contest in Marietta, Georgia. After 22 years in the industry, Wills’ list of accolades is his testament. Mark Wills […]