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SPOOKtacular Good Time

There’s never a dull moment in the offices of GTD,
so it wasn’t shocking when we took the excitement from our BOOtiful offices in downtown San Diego and TREATed ourselves to some Halloween fun at The Loma Club

You can’t have a party without wearing your best attire. . .unnamedand by best attire, I mean HALLOWEEN COSTUME!

From a Ninja Turtle to Princess Leia, finding Waldo & a singing cheeseburger – We dress to impress!

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL WE DO! Because on Halloween, we carve pumpkins!

Don’t let this round squash fool you, Pumpkin carving can be TRICKy! Some of us were creative, thought outside the box and were born with the carving gene. I, unfortunately, was not one of them. But they were:

Tessa Carving Hands with The Nightmare Before Christmas inspired creation: 3rd-place


Eric, The Hamburglar with his Burger themed pumpkin: 2

Kim our Flower Carving Queen and her well-crafted Hibiscus carved pumpkin! winner

The music was haunting, the food was amazing
& the basic in us all stayed for the pumpkin flavored BOOze!


This frightening GOOD TIME was one for the books and from our group of clowns to yours,
we hope you had a GHOULISH day!